How to Stay Right to Work Compliant in the Gig Economy

UK Businesses are becoming increasingly more complicated as industries and technology evolve. These days, it’s the norm to have a diverse workforce spread across multiple locations.

Now due to the recent emergence of the so-called “Gig-economy”, more and more companies are making use of non-permanent and flexible staff.  In the UK it’s estimated that five million people are employed in this type of capacity. [Source: BBC]

It certainly seems to be more than a passing trend; Ernst & Young predicts that two in five organisations in the UK expect to increase their use of the contingent workforce by 2020. [Source: Ernst & Young]

However, the growth in the use of contractors, temps and freelancers brings with it a multitude of risks and complexities.  Amongst the many risks, companies are now finding it increasingly difficult to know if their workers are legally eligible to work in the UK.

Many companies have no practical way of keeping track of their countless non-permanent workers legal right to work in the UK, and it can become a logistical nightmare to continually check on expiry dates for working visas, work permits or BRPs.

How to Stay Right to Work Compliant in the Gig Economy

So, here at Contego we saw a need to help our customers further with their employee onboarding needs.

We developed a Mobile App that keeps pace with both the on-demand workforce environment and the latest Home Office Legislation for Right to Work compliance.

By using our Right to Work Mobile App, you can check, authenticate and retain a candidate’s identity documentation, in real-time, whilst ensuring they have the Right to Work in the UK.

WATCH James Meyer, Head of Product Innovation, as he explains how our App helps companies streamline their Right to Work checks whilst helping to ensure they comply with the latest Home Office legislation.

If you want to ensure you are doing the maximum possible today to reduce your risk, automate Right to Work checks and keep regulators at bay, get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1235 375 000 or visit our website to find out more and to book an online demo.