How Our Mobile App Can Help Ensure Your Company is Compliant When it Comes to Right to Work Checks

‘Up to 95% of SME businesses risk sponsor licence revocation for migrant workers, and many are also at risk of instant Home Office closure’ according to the latest research by immigration law firm Migrate UK, who surveyed 1,000 businesses currently holding a Tier 2/Tier 5 licence to sponsor overseas workers [Source].

So, if you are an HR director in the UK, Right to Work compliance is probably weighing heavily on your mind.

Whether you hire one person or thousands; whether you are in the private or public sector; you must ensure that all your potential employees are eligible to work in the UK via mandatory ‘Right to Work’ checks.

Non-compliance can result in severe penalties including a £20,000 fine per illegal employee, a potential 5-year prison sentence for company directors and irreversible damage to your brand reputation.

In principle the rules seem very straightforward, however carrying out Right to Work checks can often prove to be challenging for HR departments. For example, Right to Work compliance often requires in-house knowledge and training and it is crucial that HR staff are continuously updated with the latest Home Office legislation.

It can also become logistically difficult for the HR department to adhere to ever-changing Right to Work legislation, due to the sheer volume of identity documents that need to be checked. Existing manual processes of scanning, printing and storing identity documents can quickly become inefficient, unmanageable and even increase your company’s risk of non-compliance.

So how can technology help?

Through harnessing innovative technology solutions, HR departments can streamline Right to Work compliance checks, reduce operating costs and avoid non-compliance. Watch our latest video with James Meyer, our Head of Product Innovation, as he discusses how our app is designed to automate the process while ensuring you remain compliant.

By using our Right to Work Mobile App clients can check, authenticate and retain candidate’s identity documentation and ensure they have the Right to Work in the UK in seconds.

As a result, our users can make crucial data-driven decisions, instantly, about whom they employ, whilst complying with latest Home Office legislation.

If you would like to learn more on how our Right to Work App can streamline your HR processes and keep the regulators at bay, call: +44 (0) 1235 375 000, or visit our website to find out more and to book an online demo.