Are you focusing on your business or compliance?

With today’s multiple regulations, successful compliance can be a complex task for organisations across various industries.

As compliance becomes more and more complex, chances are you are focusing on your compliance more than your business.

You have to ask yourself, are you coping with today’s compliance?

Are you struggling to keep up with compliance requirements across multiple regulations, standards, and frameworks?

Do you have to coordinate compliance efforts across multiple teams?

And, are you constantly responding to rapidly changing and hard-to-interpret laws and guidelines?

Here at Contego, our RegTech platform cuts across the complexity of compliance by providing our clients with a simplified and flexible solution, so they can focus back on their business, knowing that they are taking advantage of best practice and leading technology available for risk management and compliance.

It is this simplicity and flexibility that matters most to our clients, particularly our larger clients who require a solution to more than just one problem or scenario. For these customers, choice, flexibility and a combination of streamlined processes is crucial.

Here’s how Contego offer exactly this to our clients:

1) Through our fully integrated API. Our API can be plugged into existing systems with ease, working to automate high volume existing processes with minimal disruption

2) Our Browser-based user interface. Just as accessible, allowing clients to log in to access management reports, and to perform individual checks across various high risk scenarios

3) Customised workflows and user forms to sit on top of our API, to optimise processes with real-time data lookups and checks

The combination of the three is powerful and unique. In the latest video, Contego’s CEO, Adrian Black discusses how our simplified and flexible solutions can help you navigate the complex regulatory environment.

If you feel you are constantly playing catch up with changing regulations and want to learn more about how Contego RegTech solutions can simplify compliance, reduce operational costs and be used as a competitive advantage, then get in touch with us today. Contact Contego by calling +44 (0) 1235 375 000, or book an online demo.